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Anonymous wondered:To that anon with the crush on her best friend. My advice is don't. I was on the same boat and I did but it doesn't change the fact that they're moving. My best friend and I are still on great terms. But that's not how it'll work out for everyone. The feelings will start to dissipate the less you see them.


Anonymous wondered:I was ditched by my two ex best friends while my foot was broken and I was on crutches and they speak bad of me whenever I'm in the room while we had a big group with them my friends and a couple of others they spoke badly of her now they are trying to make me feel guilty about putting myself first for once Lillie what do I do?!?

dude obviously they aren’t friends if they’re this shitty just find some nice people

Anonymous wondered:I'm scared that i will end up like my mother bc she is in hospital after she tried to commit suidice.

You’re not your mother, you decide your life!!!




Michael Clifford being perfect in this interview (+)

Anonymous wondered:My two best friends ditched me while I was on crutches so I thought of myself and did what was right for me now they are questioning my other bestest friend who was ignored by them I don't know what to do! What do you think?

wait i’m confused

Anonymous wondered:Confessions. I have a massive crush on my best friend but she's moving away soon and I don't know what to do cause I doubt she feels the same way. (Also if this isn't on anonymous please don't post, my phones playing up)

if she’s moving away it might not be a great idea ://

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Anonymous wondered:I feel although nobody would notice if I disappeared from school

we are the same

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Anonymous wondered:I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 14 months because after living with him for a year my feelings towards him morphed into that of a best friend rather than a lover. Unfortunately it took me developing feelings for someone else to realize that. I never did anything with him while in the relationship but I feel like I cheated my ex out of a loving relationship because I was too stubborn to realize I didn't love him anymore. Am I a bad person?

it doesn’t dude!! you can’t help being into someone else! you two just weren’t right together

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Anonymous wondered:I feel like all my friends hate me.

same :((